My name is Nicole. I was born and raised in Switzerland for 16 years until my family moved to Seattle, WA, USA.

From Washington State University, I got my degree in Hospitality Business Management and a minor in Japanese. I've got the blessing to complete a hotel internship in Japan and study abroad there for a semester as well. After school I chose to work for a Westin Hotel at the front desk. With 2 years of work experience from there, I'm not only walking away from learning the front desk, but I had plenty of cross training: In-Room-Dining, the restaurant, banquets, Service Express (phone center) and even an engineering shift.

I'm crazy social. I enjoy talking to pretty much anyone. Besides talking, some hobbies also include dancing, listening to music (hello k-pop), sarcasm, gaming (PC, console and board games), and various sports.

I've always enjoyed experiencing new things, especially food, cultures and languages. This is probably where my love of traveling came from. I've visited a few countries and places in my lifetime, but have never gone backpacking. Excited to tackle a new adventure!


Here is a list of countries I've been to before backpacking (and can remember because I wasn't a little kid). And no, airports never count.

  • Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, USA and Vietnam.   

Counties during my backpacking time:

  • Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand...


As I mentioned before, I love talking. But how can I talk to some people if we don't speak the same language? Well, that's why I want to learn as many languages as I can.

  • Fluent in Swiss German, German and English
  • Studied French (5 years), Japanese (4 years) and Spanish (1 year)
  • Snippets of Chinese and Korean

Ignoring the languages I'm fluent in, I'm probably best at Japanese. I can definitely get around, but can't talk about deeper topics, such as economy. Unfortunately I forgot lots of my French since the time that passed since I've studied or seriously used French has been so long.

I've been studying Chinese and Korean on my own for a while now. There are various tools I use for that, but my favorite is a language CD I can use while commuting to work, and then later practice on some native speakers.